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"Smooth like a dolphin, even though I've never touched a dolphin." - Pom-Pom

I'm an actor who has taken every opportunity available. My roles have steadily grown in size and visibility, I’m always looking forward to the next project.

I adore performing. At a young age I attended stage school with Brighton Drama Centre for two years. During my time there I was cast as the principal role of Jackdaw in a theatre production of The Long March To Jerusalem.

My passion for performing and acting was reignited after being cast as the Viking drummer in the 2010 Dog Days music video for Florence and The Machine.

A series of roles have followed that and allowed me to explore my theatrical side.

I’m a versatile actor who has a strong casting type. I am comfortable in large or small productions. I have worked on student films, Hollywood blockbusters, theatre, commercials and everything in between.

I’m supported by my wonderful family, my beautiful wife, four amazing children and my friends in my career. For that I am eternally grateful.

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