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A working class actor who has taken every opportunity available. My roles have steadily grown in size and visibility, I’m always looking to use my talents for the next amazing role and project.

Greg Draven Gwydion fab Dôn in Tales Of Albion

A voice which has been described as ‘silky smooth’ and ‘like honey’. Greg Draven has a natural warm deep tone that conveys reassurance, knowledge and comfort.

Many people


Greg Draven has a unique ability to be insanely enthusiastic and cheerful on set, but when the camera’s roll, he transforms into anything the role demands from him.

Ashwin Mohan – Writer/Director, Squirm

Greg Draven Compere

I’ve only come across one or two who have a natural talent for taking on the tricky and complex role of MC – and Greg Draven is one of them.

Steve Bustin – UK Speaker of the year 2015

All my talents

I have experience in a variety of acting and associated areas. See a summary of my talents below


I have performed in productions ranging from Hollywood blockbusters to student movies, Panto productions to full stage shows, Music videos and TV shows.

I’m comfortable in all environments, taking direction or improvising.
I’d love to hear about your project.


I have presented radio shows for the TBFM, Mosh & Destroy and college radio (when I was a lot younger). I moved on to presenting videos for private businesses such as VR Events and charities like Cats Protection.

Voice Acting

I have voiced stories, animated characters, explainer videos and commercial adverts.

I have a broad range of accents include: Cockney, West Counrty, Irish, Sussex, and the good old RP.


I have compered many events, such as Eastbourne’s own Comic Con – Wyntercon, the NetXP Business events, Film Festivals and charity events.

I’m not the same as most other comperes, I help events stand out from the rest. That what people who have booked me like.


I’m a member of well known drumming troupe Pentacle Drummers.

I’ve been a member since 2005 and helped elevate them to where they are today – the most popular group in southern England.

Carnival Queen

I’m always up for a laugh, and enjoy making people smile.

In 2016 I entered the race to be Eastbournes’s Carnival Queen – much to the amusement of many, and the ire of a few.

Have me involved in your next project.

Tell me a bit about your project and how you see me getting involved.

You can either punch in a message here or, better still, send me a message on social media.

07452 927656

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